" Love these cigars! "
" Great flavor cigars! "
" Always pleased with your products. Jules always responds in a timely fashion. "
" One of the few places you can buy Kona cigars online. Happy they are around. "
" Would like to see more in stock but I am very satisfied. Too bad for swisher. I discovered your brand in Maui and it was a great Suprise. The minis are very smooth and do not linger on your person as bad as other smokes. MAHALO! Mike "
" We order the Hula Girl Sugar and Love it. "
" We buy the Hula Girl Sugar from you because its "fresh". When purchased via Amazon the sugar is rock hard and must be broken apart with a knife. "
" Mahalo! "
Erika anello
" Happy with cigars "
" Very good packaging and delivery time. I would recommend this company to others, "
" I visited a dear friend on April 29, 2022. I saw this eye-catching tin can on the counter. I picked up and My friend explained their son had come home for a visit from college in Oregon and left them. My stated the cigars were “really good” and had the tin on the counter to go online and order more of the Vanilla Mac Nut. My friendʻs birthday is May 1st and although I had got already bought them a gift, I decided to search out myself because seem very impressed with these cigars. Unfortunately. at the time of my order the Vanilla Mac Nut wasnʻt available, my friend was sure they would enjoy the cigars. Last weekend my grade school friendʻs birthday is May 21st. Because we share the same birthday we have a friendly competition on who can out do each other for their birthday. Remembering they smoke cigars on occasion, I thought about the Hula Girls. This time when I went to order the Mango flavor was in stock. I sent my friend the Mango and the Coconut flavored cigars. They received them May 20th in time for their birthday. So excited my friend sent me a video of them smoking the cigar savorying the taste! Lol! Needless to say I won this year!! I am particularly impressed with the extremely fast shipping. I definitely plan on ordering again for my two besties and to give as future gifts. Personally, I like the tin can! Maikaʻi Hula Girls ;-) "
" Need more in-stock "
Melissa valitzski
" Love the cigars! "
" I LoVE hula girl cigars! I wish you made the mini cigars in rum flavor! "
" Can't wait until 100% Kona freeze dried is available "
" The cigars were worth waiting for -- got backordered. However, the "Hula Girls" on your logos look more like they were out of the cast of "Honolulu" the 1939 musical with Eleanor Powell as the lead hula girl. Nothing like the girls I posed with in photos back in 1981! Kinda makes you wonder. ;-) "
" My nephew turned me on to these cigars. Great! "
" Very mild and smooth! Love these cigars! "
" The cigars I purchased were of the highest quality. I enjoyed them thoroughly and will be placing additional orders "
" I love your cigars "
William Palmet
" Great cigars that pair well with a nice Bourbon poured into that fine looking shot glass !!! "
" Love the cigars. My daughter brought one back for me after a visit to the islands, maybe 10 years ago. Finally able to make a purchase of these wonderful cigars, and it was worth the wait !!! "
" It was good "
" Found what I was looking for! "
" Husband likes the cigars, great for sitting at the beach. Shot glasses are great. "
" The cigars reminds me of my vacation. "
" Love my tote bag! "
" I was upset with the time it took to ship and the fact that half my order was cancelled the day that it shipped. That being said, I love the products and customer service has at least tried to do their best. They compensated me for my troubles by giving me a gift certificate for my next order. Thank you. "
Joseph Berg
" I was upset with the time it took to ship and the fact that half my order was cancelled the day that it shipped. That being said, I love the products and customer service has at least tried to do their best. They compensated me for my troubles by giving me a gift certificate for my next order. Thank you. "
Joseph Berg
" Love your product. "
" My daughter brought me some of the small five pack flavored cigars. They were perfect for just a little break outside you know. The flavor was great. "
" Love the flavored cigars! "
" Very satisfied "
" I have loved the cigars from my first trip to Hawaii and have had family pick me up some when they go. Now I can order them! I would love to find out how to be a distributor of these fine cigars! "
" Great service, great smokes! "
" Great product! Normal delivery speed but the metal box was damaged :( "
Kelvin Ng
" Great cigars "
" I bought two hats, as I bought my original hat in the 90’s. The two I bought were too large and not adjustable, so they have a sloppy fit. I normally wear a 8 3/8” hat. "
" Had your cigars while in Vegas visiting an ABC Strore, and can't get near me in the midwest love being able to purchase them from your site to enjoy an occasional cigar Thanks "
" I do enjoy the ginger candy! "
" Love your products, just wish you offered big guy sizes (3XL) in clothing. I still have a couple tins of cigars, I don't share them with others. I always get compliments on the 3XL shirt, now (with this last order) my son and son-in-law will have shirts. "
" I bought several tins of cigarillos, the tins are very cool and aromatic even when they are empty. The cigars are smooth and enjoyable all the way through. "
" I was extremely happy with my order! It was missing a package of coconut cream pancake mix but the wonderful customer service person was very helpful and took very good care of my concerns! I am not sure if it was omitted from the order or if the shipper lost it in transit as the box was damaged! I look forward to doing more business with your wonderful company in the future!! Mahalo from an island off the coast of Maine!!! Julie Eaton "
" Best cigars I have ever had!! "
" Nice to try things off the mainland. "
Andre Thomas
" Mahalo to all of you for a smooth transaction. "
" Great Cigars, seems expensive due to the limited qty selection. They are boxes therefore you do expect to pay over $100, however if you had something with half as much qty for $50 it would be more comfortable. "
Ko Matsumoto
" The Hula Girl mini cigars are very good, 100 percent natural cigars with natural wrappers. The flavors are mild, not overpowering. The unflavored ones are good too. I like the "whiffs" size for an occasional quick smoke. Cool container too. "
" Tasty hot sauce "



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