" My husband and I love the cigars. "
" Love the flavor of the mini cigars. "
" Great products and of good value. Website a bit clunky and not as simple to navigate for purchases. "
" I first smoked one of your vanilla mac nut cigars back in 2001. It was awesome the taste was sweet and the smoke was smooth. Recently ive been smoking your mini cigars and they are a little bit harsh and not as much flavor. Ive been debating on buying a box of the full size mac nut cigars fearing they would not be as good as they once were years ago. I asked if you guys could sell or send me a single cigar to try but had no luck. Hope this has been helpful. Overall I like your product! "
" Had these cigars 20 years ago when in Hawaii and really enjoyed them then and enjoyed them 2 decades later at home !! "
" Fun little tasty cigars. My husband loves them "
" Good product, love the individually wrapped cigars. "
" My friends and I enjoy the flavor full cigars. "
" Thanks for the great service to the mainland! "
" I was sent the wrong product twice. "
" I’m a repeat customer for your cigars and coffee :) I also really like your t-shirts and hats. I hope you can collaborate with Crazy Shirts again some day. I have a very well loved Hula Girl Cigar sweatshirt from 20 years ago that needs replacing. "
" Absolutely fantastic coffee, & love the variety of products. "
" Fell in love with your cigars in Hawaii. Nice to have a hula taste in Cali. Thank you for the masks. "
" Greatest coffee candy EVER "
" I love the mini cigars, great selection of flavors! "
" Good flavored cigars. Good coffee. Now start selling tank tops for men! "
" Very impressed with how fast the cigars got to me!! "
" Great Cigars ! "
" N/A "
" It was really easy to get what I needed and I took a look at everything else you have. I bought the Hula Girl Cigar. "
" Nice web site, good products, reasonable prices. "
" Selection was not available for some items, but I understand that Covid has caused disruption in supplies. The order response seemed a bit longer than usual. "
" great product only drawback is the pricy shipping to Canada "
" Very pleased with the Cigars I purchased. I have bought plenty in the past and will continue to purchase more of these tasty delights in the future. "
Eric Urquijo Sr.
" Love the product "
Ryan Nail
" I forgot to buy cigars when I was on the island last month. Love your little cigars when I crave just a taste of tobacco. The free masks included are a nice way to say Thank You. "
" Great quality on all three tins of cigars. "
" My husband and brother in laws loved the macadamia nut cigars! ! "
" I am looking forward to spending time on your website checking out what new items you may have added since my last visit. On my last visit I fell in love with the wooden wrist watches. "
" Excellent products.The largest selection of flavored tiny cigars.Will differently be ordering again and will even be trying some of your other products. "
" I buy the cigars for my husband which he loves. "
" I have so far really enjoyed the mango cigars and I love the shot glass I bought. "
" My grandfather used to smoke these cigars and I have loved this brand since childhood. Thank you so much for staying in business. We love your products! "
" I liked the product but had to buy different from what I wanted because you were out of a lot of things "
" Love the Kona coffee flavored cigars. "
" I have been very happy with your overall service, and the products. Regretably, I have recently experienced some issues (Taxes/Delays) with our Customs Office/Department. Many thanks for your great support, and looking forward to your $10 credit that I will be using for my next order !!!! Mario. "
" Bought the instant Kona coffee for my grandmother, who switched to instant coffee so she doesn’t have to have a coffee pot. She did miss better tasting coffee, but liked the ease of instant. I decided to see if instant Kona coffee existed and I found this site. I bought a few products for her to try and she loves it! She said she still has to finish a lot of her regular instant coffee so she’s not going to drink much of this. A month later and she drank it all and wants more even though she has 2 jars of a national brand in her freezer placing another order for her! "
" Best coffee candy ever! The ginger is awesome too. "
" I really like the Vanilla Macadamia Nut Cigars but they appear to be unavailable and on backorder. I also like the pancake mix. "
" Little disappointment in Cigars cause I could not taste the flavors in either the Coconut or Mango. Thought it was little expensive to pay almost $10 for shipping. "
" Loved the watch. I bought it as a Christmas present, and it replaced a watch that broke which we bought when we were in Hawaii in 2017. I was very happy that you still had the same model, as it was my husband's favorite. I was concerned at first because it was out of stock, but you came through and I got it in time for Christmas. Thank you. "
" Best coffee ever! "
Michelle Regalado
" Was very impressed with how fast the cigars got here. "
" I absolutely love your Mac Vanilla Cigars. I lived on Oahu for 4 years. While I was there I found the cigars. I left the island and came back to Missouri. I told everyone about the cigars. I searched for them online and found The Hula Girl Store. I was glad to find them but wanted them in the box. Instead I got the 24 count plastic container instead. But I’d like to have the box for a collection piece. I just recently got the mini cigars and I’m currently waiting on them. I love your product so much. I’ll never find a cigar that I love or prefer more than yours. Thankyou so much. "
" I've been a loyal customer of Hula Girl since trying their products on Maui in 2011. "
" I asked about a t-shirt I could find on website and was told I could have it added to my order no problems "
" Overall I was very pleased with the product! I’ll be placing another order very soon. "
" I was happy to find this store online because it allows me to purchase many of my favorite treats from the islands and reminds me of my time spent on Oahu. "
" I discovered Hula Girl tobacco products while vacationing in Maui several years ago and have been ordering them online ever since. The flavored cigars are better than any other option. "
" Cigars were fresh and a pleasure to smoke. "



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