" Awesome product from hulagirl. Fred is friendly and good support. "
" I bought a Kahala watch and it is a great Design. "
" enjoyed the cigars much. "
joe walton
" I've been purchasing 100% kona freeze dried for 8 or 9 years now, beginning with Longs drugs then on line with whoever had the best price. I'll keep purchasing kona until I can't budget for it. "
Marcia Wiese
" Fred, Thanks for asking for the feedback. I've been purchasing your freeze-dried coffee for many years, mostly in the 1.75 oz packages through your site or Amazon (which has been less expensive). This time, because neither you or Amazon had the 6 or 12 pack, I decided to go with the 10#. I've been pleased thus far (although there is a small after taste in the coffee that I've not noticed in the coffee before) with one exception: the picture and description of the product was not correct / misleading. The picture denoted coffee coming out of a glass container, and there was nothing on the product description that stated it came in a plastic bag. Because of this, I assumed (and we all know what assume means...) that the coffee would come is a glass jar suitable for storing. When the coffee came in the plastic bag, we were very surprised, and we had to purchase a vacuum sealer kit to store the coffee. I sent an email reporting these issues to Jhules. I was told that the description stated it came in a plastic bag (it did not). Immediately following my email, the picture and description were changed to reflect the plastic bag. This was the only issue (other than the slight after taste) that I had with the order. I will still continue to purchase your coffee as I think it's the best freeze-dried out there and we don't want to go to drip systems, but was disappointed at the problems that I had with this. Fred, you asked ... and I have given you my perspective on this. I hope this is helpful. Drumm "
Drumm McNaughton
" We purchased 10 jars of your Black Ginger Candy & found eight of the ten jars had mushy non sugared pieces of ginger. Not the usual quality level. "
Joe Blouin
" I have been buying the small cigars since 2011. We first found them in a small store on Maui when we were on vacation at Christmas time in 2011. They are the best! "
Charles Piatt
" I bought a box of Hula cigars for his birthday in May. He still is bragging to his friends that I bought a case of cigars that he loves. "
" I bought a box of Hula cigars for his birthday in May. He still is bragging to his friends that I bought a case of cigars that he loves. "
Cindy Strong
" I was first introduced to your product while living in California. Someone had brought a gift to someone I know and I had the opportunity to enjoy a cigar. It was very pleasant - it was flavored and none too sweet. The product seemed of quality and when in Maui I made purchase as well. Since that was well over a year ago, I had decided I wanted to enjoy some more cigars and made a purchase, along with one of the local hot sauces. I am currently enjoying both. Great service and great products. "
Janet Kuzawa



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