Lots of people are drawn to candy like bees to nectar for a number of reasons. For one, humans are primates, mammals that derived from their early ancestors the practice of taking most of its food – including fruits -- from the tropical canopy. Our ancestors preferred the sweet taste over the bitter. The sweet spot in the life of a piece of fruit is the ideal stage. Many individuals retained that preference in the contemporary era.

We carry delightful candies such as the Hula Girl Konako Hibiscus Candy that has a rich Hawaiian Hibiscus flavor. There are other variants to savor, including the creamy Kona coffee flavor, and nice coconut flavor. The candies are perfect for themed events like a hula party, Halloween, Christmas, or for corporate treats, kiddie event loot bags, and personal consumption.  Savor  the exceptional taste of your desired food flavors in these candies.

We also carry soft ginger candies made of the best quality fresh ginger sourced from Thailand, home to one of the most reputable ginger manufacturers in the world.


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