Looking for delicious syrup to drizzle on your stack of pancakes or a crisp, fluffy waffle? Satisfy your carving for tender and flavorful pancakes with a nice wallop of flavor from Hula Girl syrups. The flavors range from mango macadamia nut, to coconut crème, and Kona coffee that brings to mind the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

Syrup purists may scour the market for the real maple syrup type of liquid gold. For many pancake and waffle lovers, a syrup that brings back nice memories of childhood, while generating  favorable ratings in flavor, can be well worth the buy.

Say goodbye to lackluster pancake & waffle syrups, and say hello to the flavored line of Hula Girl Pancake & Waffle Syrups. Whether you want to swirl it into your oatmeal, add to yogurt or to waffles and pancakes, a hearty helping of the sweet, rich, and satisfying Hula Girl Pancake & Waffle Syrup will delight. They are formulated with rice syrup, a nutritive sweetener.

The Hula Girl Mango Mac Nut, Coconut Crème, and Kona Coffee Flavored Pancake & Waffle Syups are a superb way to try something novel other than regular syrups.  They will wake up your waffles and make your favorite breakfast treats and desserts leap to life.


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