Hula Girl Vanilla Mac Nut Small Cigar Box of 7 Tins with 8 Mini Cigars Each


The Hula Girl Vanilla Mac Nut Small Cigar offers an exhilarating smoking pleasure. The subtle infusion of Vanilla and Macadamia Nut complements the natural flavors of premium tobacco.  

  • Packaged in a Display Box that holds 7 tins
  • Comes in collectible tin with 8 king-size miniature cigars.
  • Consists of a special blend of superior quality Isabela Tobacco and Kula Maui Tobacco from our farm facilities
  • Earthy and Rich Flavor, not overbearing
  • Rich with notes of Caramel
  • Smooth with a little sweetness at the finish.
  • Measurement 110 mm x 81 mm 20mm thick.
  • Each mini cigar comes with the Gold Leaf Hula Girl Cigar Band.
  • Two years in the design process, key graphic features raised at different levels create a stunning cameo effect.
  • Peek at the inside lid and find the intaglio that produces the raised effect on the lid.
  • Airtight tin for double freshness.
  • Can fit comfortably in your shirt pocket.
  • The tin has a removable inner part (red plastic) which can be lifted to reveal secret compartment where money can be hidden.
  • Hole punched for easy draw
  • Collector's graphic on the reverse.
  • Safety sealed with a GENUINE sticker
  • Offers a nice transition from a classic unflavored cigar to a refreshingly savory flavored cigar.


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Dimensions: length: 7 in X width: 4 in X height: 4 in

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Hula Girl Vanilla Mac Nut Small Cigar Box of 7 Tins with 8 Mini Cigars Each


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