The World Famous Kona Coffee

Hawaii is a coffee lover's paradise. Hand-cultivated crops of gourmet beans are among the most desired in the world. "I think the Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please," American writer-entrepreneur Mark Twain once wrote. To this day, Kona is clearly the best.

The slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii grows the world famous Kona Coffee. Given their warm, moist South Seas clime and rich volcanic soils, the Hawaiian Islands are the spot where coffee thrives.

There is a craft and artistry that goes into the making of an exceptional bean.  Kona coffee, historians note, comes from the coffee Arabica plant that originated in the highlands of Ethiopia more than a thousand years ago.

Coffee didn't make its way to Hawaii until 1813. That year, King Kamehameha the Great, the islands' ruler, imported a ceremonial coffee tree into Honolulu. Fifteen years later, coffee plants finally arrived in Kona, through an American missionary named Samuel Ruggles. He planted the Arabica plants in Kona and they grew fast. Coffee plants are finicky--they do not thrive anywhere--but they flourished in Kona's rich volcanic soil and its warm, sunny mornings and cool clime.

The Hula Girl brand of Kona coffee's has an unmistakable rich, smooth  flavor and aroma. It brings the Aloha spirit all the way from Hawaii. Fresh roasted and packed with utmost care, Hula Girl Coffee reaches consumers in optimal condition. The richest flavor depends on the freshness and airtight storage of the roast, the type of grind and brewing equipment, the temperature as well as the correct amount of coffee used to brew each cup.



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