Waikiki Primo Freeze Dried Coffee (Box of 12 sachets)

Enjoy a cup of coffee anytime anywhere with our new Hula Girl Waikiki Primo Freeze Dried Coffee Sachets. Very easy to prepare. Single serving per sachet. You can bring it at the mall, beach, office or even when you're travelling. A cup of coffee is easy and on the go!

  • Our special  Freeze Dried Coffee
  • 12 Sachets in a Box
  • 1.7 grams each sachet
  • Net Wt: 0.7oz (20.4g)
  • Just add hot or cold water


How to Make Hula Girl Instant Coffee:

The secret, is not to pour the boiling water immediately but rather to pour a small amount of warm water first - just enough to dissolve the granulated instant coffee.  Stir it just a bit until the granules have fully dissolved. If you prefer your freeze dried Kona coffee with milk or coffee creamer then this should be added before you pour the boiling water into your cup.

The most important element of a great cup of coffee is the water. If your water is high in impurities or mineral content, it is recommended to switch to a quality bottled water or a tap water filter. Try it!  This way the Kona instant coffee really tastes better just like freshly brewed coffee.

Some prefer to use milk only. It makes the coffee creamier. Make sure to warm up the milk less than when using water only. Milk heats up very quick.  Thirty seconds in the micro should be enough.


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Waikiki Primo Freeze Dried Coffee (Box of 12 sachets)


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