Hula Girl 10% Kona Drip Coffee Box of 5

The Hula Girl 10% Kona Drip Coffee.

From the slopes of the big island of Hawaii grows the world famous Kona Coffee. Hand picked, sun dried, fresh roasted and packed with the utmost care. We bring you the Hula Girl brand of the world's best coffee.

  • 10% Kona Coffee Drip
  • Hawaiian Ground
  • 5 sachets in a box
  • Net Wt: 1.41oz (40g) / 8g per sachet

Drip packs contain perfectly ground coffee individually wrapped to retain all its rich, aromatic taste and freshness. The convenient packaging and easy preparation make drip coffee ideal to carry with you to ensure you have the beautiful taste during all your travels.

Simply open wrapper, place the paper filter over a cup or mug and pour hot water over the grounds to prepare an aromatic coffee with ease. 


Our 10% Kona Drip also comes in a Pack of 25 and 50 Sachets!!! 

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10% Kona Pack 25

10% Kona Pack 50


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Hula Girl 10% Kona Drip Coffee Box of 5


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