Innovative Cigar Humidification: Say Goodbye to Dry Cigars

Proper care and storage of cigars may be done by providing a humidified environment for them. A small humidor can keep cigars fresh and dry.

All Hula Girl unflavored cigars in tubs have the revolutionary DryMistat® crystal humidification. The product technology regulates 70 percent humidity in the humidor. The crystals shrink as they give up water. As crystals shrink, the cigar owner simply has to add plain water. It cannot leak onto cigars and is quite easy to use.

DryMistat® releases water vapor when it is needed and only when the need arises. Tap the tube on a table to settle the crystals to the bottom of the tube. When they go below the “Add” line, one simply needs to fill it with water up to the “Fill” line.

Hula Girl cigars’ humidor airtight container eliminates worries about dryness or stale cigars. At a glance, the temperature and humidly of cigars in one’s possession can be seen.  Modern cigar humidification ensures that the money that a cigar aficionado or novice smoker has invested in a cigar collection will not be wasted.

The DryMistat Product Technology

During the cigar industry boom in the mid-90s, Stan Oster, owner of a small high quality acrylic
manufacturing firm, became intrigued with cigars when a client approached him and asked him to create a desktop acrylic “V” cutter. He made the designs and prototypes for the customer, and sales was astounding. 
Oster went on to create a line of high quality acrylic humidors that would allow cigar aficionados to show off their collections of fine cigars and at the same time store them in the perfect environment. The most common method for humidification during that time was floral foam contained within a black plastic box.

Oster eventually found a humidification system that would work inside his clear humidor. He needed to create an attractive device that would function properly.  He also needed something to hold the liquid so that it would not drip on the cigars and at the same time be presentably. He found a relatively inexpensive liquid-absorbing plastic material. There is a material that kept newly planted trees hydrated during early phases of growth.  This class of material was being used to capture liquids in baby diapers.

The crystals absorb many times their own weight in water and form a gel. Oster discovered that the crystals also swell as they absorb water in proportion to the amount of water they absorb. On top of that, they were visually appealing. Development and design of the clear container followed. A plastic tube that would allow humidification though its wall, but not allow liquid to pass, was utilized.



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