Kona Blend Instant Freeze Dried Coffee "Double Chocolate" Box of 12 sachets

Double Chocolate Flavored Freeze Dried Coffee

Finally, a sugar free Premium freeze dried flavored coffee. Hula Girl Coffee, the purveyors of the Kona Freeze Dried coffee that is served on the space station has announced they have created a flavored Freeze Dried coffee. Using a proprietary gas technology, we infuse each kernel with just the right amount of flavor.  This is great for individuals who don’t want to add sugar to their favorite coffee. No Syrup, no chemicals, just good flavor and less than two calories per serving.

Your sensory cells for taste and aroma respond to the sweetness of the flavors and although they contain no derivatives such as dextrose, lactose or syrups the receptors tell the brain that the product must surely must contain sugar.

There for when you taste our coffee you in fact small the familiar flavor notes and your brain is automatically tricked into thinking the drink is sweet.

Our premium Freeze Dried Instant coffee is merged with special flavorings that combine with and compliment the aroma of coffee. Our unique flavor merging technology means that the flavor is consistent and can be enjoyed throughout the entire drinking experience.

Unlike other flavor coffee producers who coat the granules we infuse them with the finest quality flavoring which makes for a more satisfying cup of coffee.Your sensory cells for taste and aroma respond to the sweetness of the tell the brain that the product must surely contain sugar.

Enjoy !!

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